Charity United Methodist Church Virginia Beach
Friday, April 03, 2020




Charity UMC had its beginning around the year 1789. Charity was first known as the Dawley Meetinghouse, probably because the first congregations met at the home of the founder, William Dawley, a local preacher.  At some time between 1792 and 1796, Amy White donated a 3/4 acres corner site from her farm for the erection of a Methodist Meetinghouse, and a new church, then named Charity Chapel was built. This is the present site of the church.


In 1946 the ODD FELLOWS HALL located across Charity Neck Road from the church building was sold to Charity Church for $875. The Hall was used as a social hall and used for Church activities.

The second building Charity Church was completed by fall of 1870 and, at that time, church roll was listed at 150 members. By the close of century (1901) the building was torn down.
The third church building was dedicated May 16, 1901.  The structure was erected for about 4 thousand dollars. On the afternoon of Sunday, February 23, 1941 the entire building was destroyed by fire.
The 4th church building was completed June 7,1942, and the formal opening was held. By Feb. 1, 1943, the entire cost of the building was raised, and the building was dedicated.
The 4th Church Building is still used except the following changes have been made:
1. The narthex has been enlarged.
2. An atrium was added to the north side of the building.
3. The Social Hall has been enlarged.
4. An elevator to the 2nd floor has been installed.
5. Three offices and two classrooms added to the 2nd floor.
6. The sanctuary Altar has been revised.