Charity United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Middle and High School Youth

Everyone needs to have a Consent and Liability form filled out. We need to have this for all activities and it needs to be updated every year. If your youth wants bring a friend, make sure they bring the filled out form with them.

Click here to get the Consent and Liability form.


Charity Youth Missions


Every summer our youth group goes on a mission trip all over the United States to help rebuild the lives of those in need.

2021 we went to Plymouth, NC

2019 we went to Lexington, NC

2018 we went to Cedar Grove, WV

2017 we went to New Bern, NC 


  High School Girls Night Out

Over the past couple weeks, we have been taking our high school girls out to dinner so that they can reconnect in a safe way. Jess and Rachel loved spending time with the girls and everyone had tons of fun! We still have one group of high school girls to take out and we are counting down the minutes!

Group 1: Olivia Vaughan, Jade Foschi, Kylee Smith, and Daisy Williams


Group 2: Amberley Ailstock, Addison McGinty, Annamarie Wells, and Peyton Rose


  Baptism & Confirmation Class 2021
On Easter Sunday, we had three youth go through the Baptism Confirmation Ceremony. We are so proud of  Caroline Pinardi, Gunnar Burney, and Campbell Gettier and we are excited to be with them in this next step in their journey of faith with Christ.

  Middle School Girls Movie Night


On Thursday, March 18th, some of our middle school girls joined together and had a girls movie night! After taking a vote, the girls decided on The Muppet Movie and we loved every second that we had watching that movie! These girls are such a joy and we love when we have the opportunity to have them here at Charity.

   Sunday School Updates!
This past Sunday, our middle school class worked on identifying all the books of the Bible and the categories for those books. They were able to identify almost all the books on their own with very little help from our teachers. Above are some photos of the books of the Bible that we used for our class.

Boys Night Out - APEX Entertainment



 On Wednesday, May 5th, we were able to take 8 of our middle and high school boys to APEX Entertainment Center. It was so nice to have all of our boys together to play arcade games and laser tag. A special thank you to Patrick Keenan for joining Jess and Rachel, for driving the bus, and for always supporting our youth group.