Charity United Methodist Church
Saturday, April 17, 2021

Youth Ministry

Everyone needs to have a Consent and Liability form filled out. We need to have this for all activities and it needs to be updated every year. If your youth wants bring a friend, make sure they bring the filled out form with them.

Click here to get the Consent and Liability form.


Charity Youth Podcast: Weekly Words


Since it has been difficult for our youth to meet during the pandemic, Jessica Norton (Education Coordinator) and Rachel Keenan (Youth Director) have started a podcast called Weekly Words.  In this podcast, Jess and Rachel talk about various topics that are relevant and important for our youth. The podcast is uploaded every Tuesday on our YouTube page. Click below to check out the most recent episode. 


 High School Girls Night Out

Over the past couple weeks, we have been taking our high school girls out to dinner so that they can reconnect in a safe way. Jess and Rachel loved spending time with the girls and everyone had tons of fun! We still have one group of high school girls to take out and we are counting down the minutes!

Group 1: Olivia Vaughan, Jade Foschi, Kylee Smith, and Daisy Williams


Group 2: Amberley Ailstock, Addison McGinty, Annamarie Wells, and Peyton Rose

Baptism and Confirmation 2020