Charity United Methodist Church Virginia Beach
Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Children's Music / Education Director


Job Description for Children’s Music / Education Director (CMED)


Ministry Purpose: To develop and provide spiritual, relational, organizational and administrative leadership, and to oversee and work with the Christian Education Program for Children and Youth. This includes the weekly Sunday School program for children and youth, Children’s Church, and special programming such as Vacation Bible School (VBS), Christmas programs and children’s music ministry.


The CMED shall seek to foster a strong music and education program that strengthens the students’ commitment to the church and encourages growth in their faith in Jesus Christ. The CMED will introduce, instruct, and nurture children and youth in their Christian faith through Bible study, prayer, music, fellowship, worship, service and evangelism. They will also build relationships with teachers, students, parents and church leaders.


This job will require a 29 hour work week with special seasons that can exceed those hours.  Candidates can send their resume to Judy Williams (SPRC Chairperson) and we will contact you back for an interview.